Crafted Websites

Crafted Websites

Love & Attention

Love & Attention

Digital Navigator

Digital Navigator

Hello 🙂

need a website?

It needs it be professional.
Budget is tight and expectations are high
Someone reliable and friendly, pro-active, techy, designery person. 

need some digital guidance?

I have a map of the digiverse. 

website needs love & attention?

I can run, maintain and update it.
Plus I am a virgo. We sweat the small stuff.

I am your guy.
email me


Discover & Define

Let me assess your business needs and help you define your strategy. Focus determines outcome and a website can be more than a brochure.

Code & Deploy

That techie development stuff. Good code makes the world wide web spin around in your favour, so it needs to look good under the hood.

Update & Upgrade

As one of the first touch points for your business, your digital assets need to be in tip top form. Sites need fresh content and versions need updating. 


Creating & delivering those important messages to the inbox. The process can be fiddly and time consuming. Emailers have a unique set of rules. 

Branding & UX

Brand continuity should be part of your user experience (UX), and getting / extracting that information should be simple. Simple design is a skill.

Domains & Hosting

Digital products need a home with an address. Some neighbourhoods are better than others and I can help.


Child Protection Forum

Developed site.
Ongoing maintenance.
WordPress backend.
Fully responsive.

One On Mutual

Developed according to design agency specs.
WordPress backend.

Heron Bridge Retreat

Designer delivered layouts.
Developed theme.
WordPress backend.

SA HomeOwner

Maintained content.
Customised theme.
WordPress backend.

Ignition LIVE

Designed from scratch.
Developed custom theme.
WordPress backend.

Für Die Freiheit

Client had specific requests.
Developed & design theme.
Pre-responsive implementation.
WordPress backend.


WordPress, wp theme Development, WP plugin development, Responsive Design, CSS 3, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, HTML5, Photoshop, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Domain Management, Hosting, eCommerce Solutions, User Experience (UX), Online Strategy, Digital Trends, Social Media Implementation, Walking The Dog, deezer & the digiverse

+27 082 378 0307
62 4th Ave. Linden Centre
Linden, Johannesburg